Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tom Petty Tonight

My husband and I have attended rock concerts for the last 30 years and always have a great date when we do. Tonight we are headed for the Gorge at George Amphitheater in Washington.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Steve Winwood as the opening act. We will be in row 26 in the center of the section left of the stage.

I haven't been in a venue this large since I lived in Colorado and last saw the Doobies at Redrocks not long after my radiation therapy. My husband had to practically carry me out of there, I had danced too much.
Now I have to pray that everybody in front of me doesn't stand the entire time since I can't dance the night away. I've had some fear about this venue.....look at how large it is! That is a lot of walking.
Think of me tonight still rockin' out.
Tom Petty AND Steve Winwood. Wow.


  1. Kim,
    The only bummer was that B was trying a new camera whose lens was not long enough for the photos he wanted to take. It went back to the store yesterday and an a new Nikon is in residence here.

    Please let M go to the Gorge and camp too. The facilities there are really nice and it wasn't crazy like when we were kids. He would be forever grateful.

  2. Isn't the Gorge beautiful? We used to take motorcycle rides there every Memorial Day weekend to camp with friends. That was before the concert venue was created. I bet this was an amazing concert. I've seen both these guys in the past, but!

  3. I was surprised that so many of the people around us held tickets for both of the two performances and were staying in the campgrounds.


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